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Important Singaporean wedding traditions

I know, we live in a very modern world etc etc.. but still, there are so much things to look out for! A ceremony is not one without a proper customer and traditions to follow. Although many of these traditions originated from Chinese and dating back through the ages they still have some relevance in weddings today.

In following these traditions, it keeps them alive and pleases the family elders. The traditions vary by region so only the most common ones will be discussed.

traditional chinese wedding costumes

Hair Combing Ritual

This ritual is very significant in the tradition of weddings because it illustrates the transition or maturation; from boy to man and girl to woman. Usually it commences on the eve of the wedding in their respective homes. They both wash with pomelo leaf infused water which safeguards against evil. They then dress in a new set of pajamas and undergarments and are seated before a set of phoenix and dragon candles. The ritual is generally conducted by a woman of good fortune. She will comb their hair four times each intoning a blessing on each stroke. The groom and bride eat rice balls to signify togetherness through it all and a sweet marriage to finish the ritual.

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Installing the marital bed

At a fortuitous time, a man of great prosperity is asked to help decide where to place the marital bed. Once this is done, it is made up with the traditional sheets. Only bright and cheerful colors like red and pink and designs of phoenix and dragons make up the designs of these sheets. After this is done, a male child relative is then asked to lie in the bed and roll around to bless it.