Tuxedo Styles: What are your options?

Tuxedo Styles: What are your options?

Tuxedo rental in singapore is not a difficult job, but you need to do a little searching. Many times, we do understand that the focus is on bride’s gowns. Today, we wanna spend a little time to talk about grooms – suits.

In order for your tuxedo to qualify as such options available, it needs to meet specific fashion requirements. You need to be cautious when getting yourself attired up, so that you do not break any major fashion rules in this regard. If you have a modern fashion look however, feel free to bend the rules.

There are basically a few styles available, and the cost of tuxedo rental singapore is actually affordable.

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The traditional

When it comes to traditional tuxedos, both your jacket and pants should be black. If you want a black tie affair, this option is usually the right one. You may be able to bend the rules a little bit and wear midnight blue instead of black. Any other color variations are not going to be considered traditional enough.

You also have the choice of wearing either a black cummerbund or a formal waistcoat. The waistcoat should also be black in color. Be sure to remember that you cannot wear both the cummerbund and waistcoat. It has to be one or the other.

The modern

The modern tuxedo is a little bit more adventurous. The traditional black or midnight blue colors are usually the basics. You can opt for other colors such as navy blue, burgundy, grey, and even pistachio. When you opt for other color variations, ensure that your jacket and pants match.

modern tux.. i should consider this.

Modern tuxedos are not limited to only the bow tie as the neck-wear of choice. You may also opt for a long tie, which should preferably, be made of silk. The neck-wear should match your pants and jacket where possible.

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Preparing Your Wedding Theme – People Involved

A wedding theme is basically about what a couple loves and making sure that the wedding is a reflection of this.

How we do it is that we consider the people involved and worked backwards – reverse engineering the process, yes. Because we believe when planning a wedding theme, it is important to involve the right people.

Doesn’t this kind of music set the right tone and the right atmosphere? Yes, the romantic kind.

Planning a wedding theme without professional help could turn out to be a nightmare. Involving professional wedding planners means that they are at a better position to recommend people that will handle different areas of your wedding planning perfectly hence making your wedding a success.

It is therefore advisable to involve the following people in planning your wedding theme:

Wedding Planner

The wedding planner is generally in charge of the wedding and ensuring that the wedding theme is fully executed as the client wishes it to be.

Wedding Videographer

The wedding videographer is there to capture the whole wedding as it proceeds. While this is debatable on whether would a videographer suffice, seriously we think it is totally up to whether you want it or not, and of course your budget allows it or not.

Wedding Florists

According to the theme one has settled for, the florist is in charge of providing flowers and necessary decorations that go along with the theme.

Wedding Photographer

The photographer is responsible for taking photos at the wedding.

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Wedding Caterers

Wedding caterers are in charge of the food, depending on the theme one has in mind, the caterers are responsible for providing food that goes hand in hand with the theme provided.

Wedding Musicians

A band is supposed to provide entertainment that is suitable for the theme set and also for the audience at the wedding.


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Important Singaporean wedding traditions

I know, we live in a very modern world etc etc.. but still, there are so much things to look out for! A ceremony is not one without a proper customer and traditions to follow. Although many of these traditions originated from Chinese and dating back through the ages they still have some relevance in weddings today.

In following these traditions, it keeps them alive and pleases the family elders. The traditions vary by region so only the most common ones will be discussed.

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Hair Combing Ritual

This ritual is very significant in the tradition of weddings because it illustrates the transition or maturation; from boy to man and girl to woman. Usually it commences on the eve of the wedding in their respective homes. They both wash with pomelo leaf infused water which safeguards against evil. They then dress in a new set of pajamas and undergarments and are seated before a set of phoenix and dragon candles. The ritual is generally conducted by a woman of good fortune. She will comb their hair four times each intoning a blessing on each stroke. The groom and bride eat rice balls to signify togetherness through it all and a sweet marriage to finish the ritual.

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Installing the marital bed

At a fortuitous time, a man of great prosperity is asked to help decide where to place the marital bed. Once this is done, it is made up with the traditional sheets. Only bright and cheerful colors like red and pink and designs of phoenix and dragons make up the designs of these sheets. After this is done, a male child relative is then asked to lie in the bed and roll around to bless it.